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"Roman Candle"
"Too hot to handle!!"

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"Roman Candle"

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Mega Forte

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Stage Boss : OilMan

Scenery Pack: Fire Extra
Enemy Pack: Common Pack 1
Playable characters: Roll (all 12 costumes)
Boss chararacter: Oil Man
Series: "Roll VS."

The name is not really significant, but I thought it fit since this is a 'Fire-Extra' stage and I love 'Fire'-works. This latest release was originally going to be a "surprise" grand finale to last year's infamous 'G&G Remix' series, as the 7th and most evil. But I was so happy with the 6th one, that I decided to retire the series with it, which IMHO was the greatest and most challenging G&G tribute of mine. As such, some parts of this stage are based on Stage 7 (The Dark Tower) from Super Ghouls & Ghosts, most noteably the very beginning. Although I didn't choose the most exciting enemy pack, I made up for it with the second-row obstacle set up. Prepare to be fustrated to death with elaborate, interwining flame-chutes, lava-spouts, lava-pits and disappearing blocks, as well as drop-lifts and a long, narrow spike-drop. And if that's not enough, Roll starts out with only 1 HP of energy! OH-NOEZ!! <:O

You start off on the far-left bottom corner, and end up fighting Oil Man in the far-right, with over 90% of the map covered in a spiraling formation. So expect a very long and perilous ordeal ahead of you. There's lots of fire-hazards and hordes of enemies lurking around every corner, as well as a large ancient fire-breathing dragon.

GOOD LUCK! I hope you enjoy my RED HOT "GIRL POWAH" level! :D

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