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"In The Trees"
"Entry for cut starter challnge"

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"In The Trees"

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Stage Boss : CutMan

BTW, I know I spelled challenge wrong. It wouldn't fit.

And I accidentaly submitted it before, with a nasty glitch that freezes the game. So, I had to reupload it.

Mega Man S, Hyper Bomb, Super Arm, Oil Slider.

This level is shorter than my usual levels. I ran out of ideas.

Name: It's In The Trees, because of the bg of cut starter. And well, my excuse for little wall tiles. :D

Notes: There's infinate lives in most areas. Only a few checkpoints don't have it.

Floor Block glitch in the begining. Then I got lazy and didn't.

The level branches pathes twice. There is no right/wrong path. Just 4 diffrent ways of beating the level.

Also, it comes to my attention that there is three green helicopter enemies in the game. From now on this is how I shall adress them.

Green Helicopter Riders- are the ones you can jump on
Annoying Green Helicopter Guys- are the ones with arms and feet that deattach.
Small Green Helicopter Guys- The little ball guys.


-You have weapons, USE THEM!
-You can oil slide on the green helicopter riders, and time bombs.
-Hyper Bomb bounces off the top of the green helicopter riders
-Super Arm can destroy a green helicopter rider.

There is one part that I know will get people. And they won't know what to do. I don't want to reveal the secret though. You'll know when your there, when you just dropped an ice block, and the next block to drop is cut. Let's say that ladders are cool.


I can edit this level, why can't I edit my old ones?

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VinsanityV20 : "Too Hard for it's own good"

This level is NOT impossible, but it requires a level of precision that borders on infuriating. I had to replay it and replay it and replay it to finally beat it, and I didn‘t feel so much like I accomplished anything, so much as proved to myself it could be beaten. If that sounds like fun to you, then by all means download this level.

To be fair, the set pieces on display, and the use of the powers available, are quite creative. It‘s just that they‘re surrounded by so many spikes it‘s impossible to appreciate ‘em very much. Also, there are too few extra lives and some checkpoints have you replay several difficult sections in a row. When the whole level is just a string of difficult sections, it‘s hard to keep going when the checkpoints just aren‘t numerous enough to be forgiving. On the plus side, many of the checkpoints have extra lives nearby, so it kind of balances it out. However, one checkpoint that precedes an oil slide section lacks this, and yes it‘s frustrating to replay it when you‘re losing lives so fast. Some sections also prove "game ending" if you screw them up, such as the numerous use of the walking time bombs to carry certain blocks - if you drop a block before getting a walking time bomb under it, then you just put a huge block in your way and have to kill yourself to retry the section. Also, some of the difficulty seems artificially inflated when there‘s a decent use of hiding spikes JUST UNDER the screen (as in, the only way you‘ll discover they‘re there is to fall and explode on nothing at the bottom of the screen).

The set pieces are ingenious, and the level is beatable, but the amount of precision required makes the level seem unrewarding to play. There are way too many spikes and brutal situations just for the sake of ‘em. If you want a super challenging, and admittedly well designed, stage, then by all means download away. Also, if you‘re looking for some creative ideas to inspire you in your own stages, you should play at least some of this stage.

If you‘re looking for something less brutal and still quite clever, well...keep looking. The difficulty level here puts Capcom to shame, but remember it IS beatable. It just might not be very fun.


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