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"Factory Raid!"
Created By : MegaXFan

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Mega Forte : "---"

Nice story, and I love how cleverly you design every section of your stage around it. Bonus points on creativity, there. I like the beginning's atmosphere with the elec-beams overhead simulating a thunder-storm, with the ladders placed side-by-side to look like a Robot-Master chamber door, or fortress door.

I also liked the fast-paced conveyor belt action at the intro with all the enemies dropping on top of you unexpectedly through the cieling cracks that are occasionally covered by disappearing blocks. Pretty clever idea, if I do say so myself. That part was also more challenging than it looked originally, unless I'm starting to get a little rusty. Your use of disappearing blocks wasn't the most imaginative by any means, but did manage to slow you down a bit and force you to think things through. Speaking of which, I never expected to see some party bonus-balls placed directly above a field of spikes and disappearing blocks, which I thought was kind of unfair of you. >:(

There were absolutely no slowdown anywhere, except in the upstairs cafeteria hall with all the pick-throwing shield-bots. I also found that area to be a bit challenging in an old-school kind of way. But at least you had an easy to obtain 1-Up there. :) And Hyper Bombs made it a lot easier to hit the enemies before they hit. So major kudos for the great enemy placement, forcing the player to improvise with new techniques.

I also really enjoyed the roof-top segment towards the end with the spike-shaped clouds and thunder-beams just about everywhere. Plus you laid out lots of power-items here and there to make the thunderous, perilous trek less danting and painful. Nice.

Overall, I really enjoyed the theme and design of the overall level. And you made absolutely no 'design' boo-boos. Major bonus-points for you on Uniqueness, which I gave you a 5. I gave you a 4 on challenge, only because you were too generous with the power items in the second half. Size was a perfect 5 and overall, you get a 4.5. Nice job!





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