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Created By : Glaber

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Mega Forte : "---"

Well, the background wasn't as outer-spacey as the 3rd Wily-Tower stage, but sure had that dark, mystical, foreboding atmosphere to it. I loved the smart enemy placement in this stage, as well as the clever MM3-to-MM1 crossovers, like using Sniper-Joes to replace the Hammer-Joes. The limited MM1 enemy selection is what really makes these MM remakes a real challenge to make.

I had a real hard time trying to get the 1-up and yaschichi refill in that one hidden room without hitting the spikes on the ceiling. That room definitely bumped up the overall challenge a notch or two. I would have moved the water-shooters just a tad closer to the platform ledges, if I were you.

The alternate route behind the Gutsblock couldn't be accessed by Megaman since he couldn't jump high enough, especially on a conveyor-belt is moving the opposite direction.

In short, this was another excellent WilyWars Tower remake, although not quite as unique or challenging as the first two. You must really love Wily Wars, as well as the Level Editor, Glaber! ;)

Keep 'em coming, Glaber! I can't wait to see what your 50TH stage will be like, as well as your next MM remake.

Challenge - 3
Uniqueness - 3
Size - 4
Overall - 4





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