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"Majide Vacation"
Created By : YoshiAngemon

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Mega Forte : "---"

I liked how this stage started out in what felt like a high canyon town. I also liked the creative use of the bamboo fences in the background, especially when you spelled out the title of this weirdly magnificent Japan level. I also liked how you used the background to spell out the name of this stage in Japanese, too! Plus I noticed your initials: M.T. in there as well. >=)

The twisting spike-drop was pretty fun and suspenseful, even though it has already been done to death. And the flaming conveyor belt obstacles were a little tricky, but nothing even a novice can't beat. Unfortunately all those flame-throwers and the bamboo background created a lot of slowdown, which is unfortunate since I really like the wallpaper background tiles in this strange scenery pack. The only time I died in this stage was when I was confronted with that one Giant-Eye on top of the turbo treadmill, thrashing right into me! I really wasn't expecting that while low on my energy. Giant-eyes on conveyor-belts can be quite a difficult nuisance. BTW, I really liked the ending message: 'ARE YOU SERIOUS!!?' That was a great way to cap off a great Japanese stage! >;)

Challenge = 3
Size = 5
Uniqueness = 4
Overall = 4





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