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Win or lose. I don't care! As long as I don't give up anywhere!

Yes, I am PC 20XX and it stands for something like...

WhAt aRe yOu uSiNg rIgHt nOw iF YoU'Re hOme?
Answer: Personal Computer

Play Starcraft?
Relation: Protoss Commander

20XX? Well, that's probably what I'll be around for.

Try playing my stages! They are fun (Oil Racing!!!), but sometimes they are just straight out difficult...--(put character's name here) Master-- I have tested all my stages with success except for one...(whacks himself with tuna)...Legendary Master (#40) so don't play that one. I fixed it and it's #69 now. There was no flaw in the area!! Just mix up of character...(Mega Man when it's supposed to be Mega Man S!)...

Anyway, soon those "Master" stages will posted here for you to give a shot at--nobody's beaten them any of them yet *sighs*, but they are beatable! Iceman is probably the most confusing you'll ever play and Bombman might be the one where you have to act no matter what. Soon...soon...or sooner if you ask. I'm about to upload my 100th stage soon too--Universal Master III--which is probably the hardest stage I've ever created. Want to know why? Well, it's basically got the most difficult stuff that I've come up with. (Honestly, the beginning sometimes still kills all of my 10 lives!! And there are 6 floors...Ouch...) And yet there's gonna be a harder one after this...#101--Universal Legensds!!--yes "Legends!" not just "Legend!" This is the ultimate...and the only hint I can give out that is automatically annoying is: Earthquake!!

See you around and hope to see you soon!

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Legendary Legend
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Legendary Master
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Universal Master
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Universal Tactical Master...
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