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Hey, this is Ageman!

Im the site creator and host of the Master Level List! I know the sites been going through some rough times for the last year and MegaMan Powered Up has pretty much bitten the dust, but I have faith!

Ive revived the Master Level List and given it a TON of new features. Ive worked my ass of on this for the last two months and I really hope you enjoy! Remember that if you wanna contact me, send me a PM on the forum or (just as easily) send an email my way! adrian(dot)marceau(at)gmail(dot)com!

As you may notice, Im not much for making stages (I like working behind the scenes more) but I DO love MegaMan and I think youll see that in the stages that I did make so please, enjoy and have fun!


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"A New Path For Every Character"

Mad Mad Maze 2
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"Get lost in the woods!"


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