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Brand-new high-tech maintenance robot. Can create oil that works on any kind of machine and shoot it from his arm!

Complete OilMan Compendium : By Michilio

Oilman’s oil buster has two functions, as an attack and as an oil slider. In order to activate the oil slider simply fire the oil slick on solid ground and touch it. The oil buster is the weakest of all weapons, the main attack power lies in the oil slider, which can take out a lot of the enemies in one hit.

However the oil buster can also be used to setup the oil board at a specific spot or to take out an enemy you can’t otherwise. The oil slick stays on the surface it’s shot at and you cannot fire a new one until it dissolves or until you walk far enough away from the screen for it to disappear. As soon as the oil slick is still lying there it can still damage enemies, thus if a walking or jumping enemies hits the puddle they will take damage.

The oil slick is shot downwards at a diagonal angle, allowing you to easily make holes where only Oilman can fire through. To see an example of this check out the beginning of ASRs crueltyslip. The oil slider can be used on conveyor belts and will be carried further. If a conveyor goes fast enough (3X-4X) it will launch the object that’s on it currently and the oil slick is no different. The oil slick also bounces off walls it touches, allowing you once again to setup the walls in such a fashion that only with the bouncing property the target can be hit.

Oil floats, if you fire a shot on a water sprout it will cling to the top of the water. If the water is deactivated the slick will fall down. In the water the oil slick will also go upwards to the surface. This makes fighting enemies underwater extremely hard and certain enemies will be impossible to hit underwater because of this. If you go up a ladder at the same time as the oil slick rises to the next level you will also be able to use the oil slick on the next level.

The oil slick can stick on pretty much every sort of surface, with the exception of gutslifts, pendulums and timebombs.

One particular trick is to fire the oil slider on spikes, then jump on the oil and immediately jump again and you won’t die, though this is extremely tricky and should only be used as a shortcut for instance, not as an actual challenge that is required to finish the level.

Oilman is unaffected by the slipperiness of oil tiles. Despite oil lying everywhere on these tiles it does not trigger the oil slider. You can use the oil slider and fire the oil buster on oil tiles.

The oil blocks can only be destroyed while on the oil slider. The oil slick from the buster does not damage these blocks and is not capable of destroying these.

Oilman’s main game is without a doubt the oil slider. As said before the slick onto a surface it will stick to, touch it and the oil slider will be activated. You can regulate the speed by pressing forward and backwards. Backwards to slow it down, forward to go faster, doing nothing will make the oil slider go at regular speed.

To get off the oil slider, jump and then press upward and jump. There’s an added effect to this, as it also allows Oilman to jump 2 spaces higher then regular. This is dubbed the oil jump. The oil slider also deactivates if it hits a wall or object. If you intend to drop someone down on the oil slider you will need at least two horizontal spaces, though three open spaces is preferred, that is, if you stick a wall next to it.

The oil slider has the biggest distance jump in the game and this can be increased even further by pressing forward to speed the slider up. The oil slider ignores conveyor belt speeds, whichever direction it goes. Jumping on a conveyor however does affect it. If it goes forward you will be able to jump further and if it goes backwards you will be pushed backwards while rising in the jump, before actually going forward on descent.

The oil slider can go over 1 space horizontal gaps, even if there are spikes in these gaps. This trick however only works if there’s a solid tile straight afterwards, so don’t expect you won’t get killed by the 1st spike you come in contact with, your only immune for it in this combination.

If you use the oil slider on a pendulum if will affect the pendulum’s speed. If the pendulum is still it will be activated upon contact with the oil slider. However the oil slider tends to not listen proper to your commands due to the pendulum changes, so these challenges are best left avoided. The only good challenge you can make with these is to run on a still one and then having to jump straight off it, it’s the only to works properly for the most part.

The oil slider works on gutslifts, you can even use gaps or obstacles. Keep in mind you’ll have to press backwards in order to stay at the speed of the gutslift. You will however need to regulate your speed from time time.

The oil slider works on walking timebombs and you can stay on them all the way to 0. This also requires pressing backwards, you will however need to regulate your speed from time time. Keep in mind that the oil slider will not listen proper to commands if you are on one of the timebomb’s edges, so be careful when forcing people to jump off these. You cannot solve this problem by giving the player multiple timebombs to increase the movement of the oil slider, as any of the edges have this effect, so this can in term only make matters worse.

You cannot activate timebombs with the oil slider, so you’ll first have to activate them yourself and then get on them with the oil slider. Also keep the timebomb at the same height, one spacer lower or higher then oilman, as falling onto timebombs is pretty much a deathwish that has a high chance of forcing the oil slider into uncontrollable mode.

The oil slider can be used green platforms, though since the platforms fall under enemies the oil board tries to hit them from time to time, making it impossible to control the oil slider at these points.

You can oil slide on blocks while they are on any type of object (conveyor, walking timebomb, pendulums, gutslift, etc.). You cannot however jump with the oil slider on a falling block and then jump off again, the oil slider will just keep falling down with the block. It doesn’t matter how you set this up, it won’t work.

If you intend to put in pendulum or timebomb oil sliding do it straight after a checkpoint and always give the player unlimited lives at that point. These challenges cannot be 100% controlled and you can’t expect the player to always get lucky. Oil sliding on gutslifts and timebombs is also referred to as oil grinding.

Just like the oil slick rises in the water so does the oil slider until it hits the surface. You can however also put a roof above Oilman’s head in the water and thus create all sorts of obstacles underwater with the oil slider. Examples of this can be found in Jet Surf Oilman and Joyslider 4, who revolve around this a lot. You can also jump underwater to make the board rise faster and press forward and backwards, to get a lot further before Oilman’s head hits the ceiling.

Just like the one space gap on solid ground, the 1 space gap also works underwater, although this time it will count for your head. You can’t use this in combination with spikes though. You can do some funny things with this, such as using vanishing blocks or floating flameblocks, once again you can find examples of these in the earlier mentioned levels.

If there is no wall and a room ends on the left or right due to there not being a room space used next to it the oil slider will stay activated. This is also a good way of letting people practice up on oil sliding, by not forcing them out of the oil slider if they don’t do the jump soon enough.


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