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Developed for exploration of the South Pole, after his job there ended he took a job at a frozen food warehouse. He can manipulate and control ice, using it to attack, among other things!

Complete IceMan Compendium : By Michilio

He can freeze enemies and lava sprouts with his freeze slash, then use them as platforms. Iceman has the weakest weapon in the game and certain enemies can only be killed at certain times, ofcourse while they are frozen they prove no threat to him, but if they are blocking his progress (for instance 2 vertical space to move through and the frozen enemy now blocks the way through) you have no choice but to deal with it.

Shieldtype enemies can only be killed if they do not have their shield in front of them or if there weakspot is visible, just like megabuster bullets are deflected, ofcourse you can also use this as a benefit if you want to keep the enemy alive and only use it as a platform. Shields reflect ice shots.

Iceman can kill big eyes, but he will have to shoot the ice slasher straight into the eye. He can also freeze the green moving platforms. He cannot destroy the moving spike enemies.

The weapon is like the megabuster and can only be fired in a horizontal line. It can go through walls and block spawners. While normally it only takes one vertical space for Iceman’s shot to pass his ice slasher can be blocked by certain objects if they are one vertical space above it, such as blocks and bomb orbs.

Iceman cannot move while shooting, you can do jump and shooting to stay in motion. Iceman is immune for the slipperiness of icetiles. Other chars that normally cannot move while shooting can use this slipperiness to fire and shoot, but since Iceman’s immune to the icetiles effect that is not possible in his case.

If iceman’s shot hits an enemy and he fires another the same enemy will take another hit. If you do this with a lava sprout however it will pass straight through it. Therefore you cannot keep a lavasprout frozen for as long as you please. Be firing again on a frozen enemy it will reset the time the enemy stays frozen.

Needless to say Iceman’s main game is freezing enemies, not being an offensive character. Since moving enemies like the Cyclops enemies can cover quite big areas, you can use them multiple times to get over chasms, with the occasional platform so you can refreeze them. You can ofcourse also use this to make vertical challenges. Also since iceman’s attack takes a lot of shots to kill an opponent you can also use this against him, for instance while standing on a gutslift.

Frozen enemies and lava sprouts will also stop blocks or carry them. You can for instance freeze an enemy under a block spawner to make it stop spawning blocks for a while, or to get to a platform that is too high to reach with the frozen enemy alone. Always keep in mind that Iceman can only fire horizontal, so if you want to refreeze an enemy at another point he must have a point to stand on to do it.

If an enemy or a block is standing on a vertical upward lava sprout and you freeze the sprout the block or enemy will fall through it. You can also do it with a vertical downward one if you use flameblocks in water or with water sprouts, to get them to go upward. If you do this close to the water surface in Iceman’s level the block will be pushed down into the sprout and once you jump will be under the lava sprout again. If an enemy is on top of the downward facing sprout and you freeze it will also go through the frozen enemy when the block is pushed up the water sprout.

You can use frozen horizontal lava sprouts to push certain enemies. You can for instance push the moving spike with it, but not Sniper Joe or blocks. Wait until the moving spike is in the lava stream and then freeze it to push it.

You can use frozen flame sprouts to move enemies to another part of the level, to act as an ice platform there for instance. The moving spike and the Big Eye can be used for this. If you are having trouble timing this, first freeze the enemy and then freeze the flame sprout, course they will already have to be on the flame sprout while it was already frozen or closing in on it for this to have effect.

Since the ice slasher only moves horizontal you can also use this to have a race with it. You want for instance to freeze a lava sprout that’s out of sight and there’s no platform in that area to get a shot at it there. So you have to fire it from a distance where it is possible and then you can use conveyors to keep up with the shot ice slasher.

Like Gutsman, Iceman has a tiny difference in height. While it doesn’t change anything for normal movement and jumping throughout the level it does mean that Iceman might have an easier time on some height based traps, he also seems to fall down faster. You can for instance test this with a sniper joe, spawn Iceman and for instance Fireman at the same spot in height and you’ll notice a slight difference through the bullets Joe shoots.


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