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Created for land development, with just one of his massively powerful arms he can lift a boulder the size of his whole body. His body is made of a super-sturdy alloy, making him one tough customer!

Complete GutsMan Compendium : By Michilio

Gutsman’s attack creates gutsblocks and the attack button allows him to grab gutsblocks. Press the direction the gutsblock is in and press attack for Gutsman to grab it. The gutsblock will be lit if you can grab it. It only works if the block is adjunct to Gutsman and he can grab them left, right and below him.

The maximum amount of blocks that can be created by Gutsman onscreen are 5 blocks, however the blocks disappear pretty quickly when they go offscreen so the building limit is rarely a problem. If you go down a level carrying a self created gutsblock, the block will disappear from your hands. If you use a gutsblock that is in the stage itself or is spawned by a block spawner the block will continue to exist. The same counts for self created gutsblocks that you don’t grab and fall down holes, for instance using a conveyor belt. Unless both Gutsman and the block fall at the same time the block will almost be immediately erased. Gutsman cannot create blocks on every surface, which makes him the perfect guy if you want to create a level where you cannot fight back. The downside is, is that this requires objects that can suck up quite some space of the room and cause lag, though the lag issue should be resolved if you have Firmware 3.50 since it allows full speed.

Gutsman can create blocks on solid ground, blocks, melt blocks, break blocks and spikes, for the latter you need to be blinking. Since break blocks break after Gutsman jumps on them they too are pretty good to make building challenges. If you want to land on a gutsblock you created from a break block you will need atleast 3 break blocks beneath each other and Gutsman pretty much at the top of the screen.

While Gutsman cannot build blocks on every surface he can dump them on every possible surface. Moving pendulums, walking timebombs, gutslifts, vanishing blocks, the list goes on. On moving pendulums dropping blocks can also slow down the speed of the pendulum. When on a block on a pendulum you are not affected by the pendulum speed. So if you are standing on a block that is on a 45 degree pendulum you have no fear of being thrown off.

Since you can create on blocks you can also make moving challenges, such as first dropping a block on a surface where you cannot create a block on, such as a walking timebomb or a conveyor and then using that block to build a tower before the block falls down a gap.

Vanishing blocks are another great obstacle where you can exploit Gutsman’s building possibilities to the fullest. You can allow bigger intervals between vb appearance for instance, because jumping from a block gives you more time. Also you can have fast horizontal or vertical building challenges. Try not to jump in horizontal challenges, even though it seems like you would traverse and build faster it is actually the opposite. You can find lots of examples in Dropzone “69422888-029” (EUR Server).

Like most characters Gutsman stops in his tracks when he grabs a block, which can be the difference between life and death. Jumping and grabbing avoids this problem. Gutsblocks splinter when they come into contact with objects or the ground and you can use this to create challenges. Also since Gutsman throws with an arc it’s possible to place your enemies in such a fashion that you cannot hit them.

Standing on the uttermost ledge of a platform allows you to drop blocks over a two space gap. Gutsblocks stop the rise of flameblocks in water / with watersprouts, once removed they continue to rise again. When on an ice surface you can also use making gutsblocks to stop you in your tracks, to prevent you from falling if you cannot jump.

Gutsblocks can be used as shields for bullets or enemies. Like regular blocks gutsblocks will be destroyed if it touches an enemy while in motion (like a conveyor belt) or falls on them. If a gutsblock falls on a bullet it is also destroyed.

Screw bombers and wall shooters are transparent to blocks and their bullets cannot destroy blocks. Therefore you can trap them in gutsblocks. However their shots will still appear on the outside edges of your block, so if you walk over it, you can still be hit by it.

You can also use your gutsblocks as bridges, for instance for floorbots or walking timebombs. A bridge doesn’t need to be just horizontal, you can make it rise both vertically and horizontally in a diagonal line for instance. You can find plenty of examples in Floor Glory “69422888-031” (EUR Server).

Gutsman has a tiny difference in height. He is the biggest character and in some very rare instances he can be killed by for instance a spike where every other character would not be hit by if they performed the exact same action. Like I said before this is extremely rare and there are only two known events in which this can happen.

One thing to always keep in mind is that Gutsman can drop blocks on spikes. Often people underestimate this ability and it allows to bypass some of the ingenious setups they made and ofcourse because Gutsman can create blocks on spikes if he’s blinking. So if you do not want to Gutsman to bypass these sections you will have to take some actions, what those are depends on the situation. You can make it extremely hard to survive, lower the ceiling so that building towers won’t work and so on.


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