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Previously worked at a waste management facility, wielding super-hot flames that reach 7000-8000 degrees. If the flame on his head goes out, he looses his power!

Complete FireMan Compendium : By Michilio

Fire Immunity: Lava Sprouts, Fire Rails, burning oil
No Fire Immunity: Fire based enemies

Fireman has two modes. Default he is on fire, which is easily noticeable by his burning head. To go into off mode you have to be touched by water, which can be done by a water sprout or the water in Iceman’s stage.

On Mode: Can melt meltblocks, shoot fire waves, fire shield.
Off Mode: Cannot melt meltblocks, cannot shoot fire waves, fire shield only means of attack.

The advantage in off mode is caused by the lack of melting meltblocks, hence if you have to make your way over chasm with only meltblocks you don’t have to worry about the blocks disappearing. However at the same time you’re attack range is reduced severely as you only have a shield that circles around Fireman.

Thus you can also force players a choice, stay on fire and have full battle capabilities but the platforms will melt. Or douse Fireman’s flame, be able to get over the melt blocks at your own pace, but have crap ways of defending yourself and unable to hit enemies that are more then 2 spaces away from you, plus those bullets that explode on destruction or impact become a lot harder.

In off mode Fireman can still destroy any enemy without taking damage, but it’s quite hard on certain enemies like the exploding bullets, but it can be done.

Another option would be to create an obstacle that can only be passed by melting, but Fireman is in off mode. Hence you will first have to find a way to light yourself up again and then get back to the melting blocks.

To relight Fireman you can use: Flame Sprouts, Burning oil (not the kind oilman shoots though) and flame rails. You cannot use this underwater or with a water sprout to keep him lighted only at that spot, alas it would’ve been a nice spin, but it’s not meant to be.

In order for the burning oil to light Fireman he has to touch it directly if he is on the sides or on top with a maximum of one space on top of the oil. Hence you can force players to travel a distance first before they get to the oil tile that they can use to light themselves up again. Oil fires can also travel upward, so you can also let the chase continue over multiple levels.

The maximum spacing to cause a spark at a higher level is a gap of one vertical space, or one vertical and one horizontal space. You can’t do one horizontal gap alone though, it has to go vertical then.

You can do the same for a flame rail race. Just use a tileset that also has conveyor belts and you can race it. Flame rail fires can also go up or down a floor if you pass at the same time to that floor as the fire.

In order to create horizontal flame rails keep the X button pressed after you place one and move horizontal. In order to create transparent flame rails, press L to go into red mode, stand on the part of flame rail you want transparent and press triangle, you can now choose between solid and transparent.

Finally there’s the flameblocks. Fireman’s fire destroys these, but there’s one special property about these blocks, they float. Hence you can create an elevator of doom ride to the surface in the Iceman levelset, you can’t fight your enemies very well on the block, since Fireman's shield will easily destroy your ride. You will always have to jump while fighting on flame blocks, since Fireman's shield will destroy them instantly.

Fireman's flame wave can only pass if there's atleast 2 vertical spaces, hence if there is one you will not be able to hit anything behind that. The flame shield can go through walls, but it only has a 1 space reach. The flame shield also goes through defending enemies' shields.

FireMan CANNOT melt MeltBlocks from directly below them. He needs to be touching from the left or the right, or standing on it. There is one way to melt meltblocks above you and that's by touching them if you are on a ladder. So basically you climb up the ladder until you get to the melt block and then it will melt.

Melting blocks can be used as platforms yes, but you can also use them to keep for instance blocks at bay. Thus you may have to melt only certain blocks to prevent yourself from being crushed. Melt blocks are excellent for trap setups. To get some good examples on how to do this check out FiremanReburns1 and Thermostat, you can find their level codes on www.plutolighthouse.net/MMPU.

Also if you jump as soon as you land on a melting block it won't melt. The easiest way to accomplish this is fast light jumping, dubbed tip toeing. This is another way to put up some very complicated melting traps by putting down a figure made out of melting blocks where you have to melt certain blocks, while leaving others in tact for the crossing.


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