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Used to work to regulate the voltage at a power plant facility. Wields electricity, and possesses both quick wits and agile movement!

Complete ElecMan Compendium : By Michilio

The elec beam fires one horizontal beam into the direction he is facing, as well as a beam upwards and downwards. For the upwards and downwards beam to work there must be 2 clear horizontal spaces for the shot, for the horizontal one there will need to be two vertical spaces available if you want the shot to continue.

The elecbeam does not stop when it hits an enemy, it only stops when it is blocked, so one shot can hurt multiple enemies. It is blocked by armor and shields though.

Elec blocks are like bomb blocks lifeless, meaning that they will stay at their position no matter what and cannot be destroyed by enemies or moved by conveyors and gutslifts. In order to activate the block you will need to fire an elec beam at it, it will then go into the direction it is facing. You can determine the direction by the grey plug, the side which it is on is the side the elecblock will go, so if the grey plug is on the left, the block will go left, if it’s on top, it will go upwards.

The elecblock will continue to go forward until it is stopped. Then it will go back to it’s starting position. Enemies, lava sprouts, falling objects, pendulums, blocks on conveyor, timebombs, Elecman himself, walls, there are plenty of ways to stop an elecblock. If you shoot it while it is still at a standing position it will continue to go the way it was going. You can also use this way to keep it at the same place for a while, for instance if the block is still a few yards ahead of you and there’s no way you’ll be able to make it before it goes back, just fire shots at it to keep it there.

You can also use sudden stopping through for instance lava sprouts or vanishing blocks to take the player by surprise, he tries to jump over an obstacle when suddenly the elecblock is stopped and the player won’t have a surface to land on once he gets to the other side of the obstacle.

Elecblocks can carry every enemy that stands, cannons, fireball tosser, joes, etc. They will also stay on the block while it is in motion. Thus you can basically set it up so that the block in front of you will have an enemy and you can have a duel during the elecblock ride. However distance and speed are two important factors to keep in mind to set this up. Also don’t use joe’s since their behaviour is too random and they fall off the blocks when they jump.

Elecblocks can carry blocks, take them to different places or use them as obstacles, the choice is yours. You can for instance also use the elecblock to actually block the blocks for you such as allowing safe passage under a few block spawners or keeping floating flameblocks at bay. Keep in mind that if a block spawned block hits the elecblock by the side it will stop moving.

Walking timebombs will stop horizontal elecblocks immediately. If they go downwards the timebomb will just keep falling until the drop stops.

If there is a floor below you can stay on the elecblock as it goes down a floor. If you want to go upwards you will need to use ladders to reach higher levels with an upward going elecblock. Keep in mind that these things move fast, so make sure the ladders aren’t too long and that you can get back on the block pretty fast.

One elecbeam can activate multiple elec blocks, you can for instance put them in a row and make it look like a sort of train.

Raising the elecblock glitch. When a horizontal elecblock is in motion, either when going forward or back to it’s starting point and an upward going green platform touches the bottom of the elecblock it will push the elecblock a little bit upwards. Eventually you can put an elecblock spaces higher then it started. This trick also works with pendulums, but since they slowdown everytime they hit the block it would take half a day to make some progress.

If an elecblock hits a green platform it will go down or up again, depending if it’s past it’s halfway point.

Unlike normal blocks the elecblocks cannot crush Elecman, if Elecman hits a ceiling and the elecblock still has to go upward it simply won’t. You can however can get half your body trapped inside of the elecblock, in which case you’ll have to do some jumping and left right pressing to get back out.


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