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Worked with Guts Man to develop land. Skilled in handling explosives, his powerful specially-made bombs can blow just about anything to smithereens!

Complete BombMan Compendium : By Michilio

Bombs, or better said the explosions from the bombs are his weapon. If a bomb does not hit a target it will stay a few seconds on whatever it is lying and explode. Enemies with shields and the big eye’s body will deflect the bombs, unless the shield is down or you hit the big eye in the eye. If a bomb is placed close to the shield and it explodes it will take out the enemy’s shield.

Bombman can choose to throw his bombs at different angles. You can choose left, right, forward left & right, up & down and of course jumping can be included. A forward throw is if you keep left or right pressed at the moment you throw the bomb. This will cause the bomb to go a lot further left or right then a normal throw. Press up and you will throw them upwards, press down and you will drop the bomb on the spot. You can have two bombs at anytime. Once one bomb explodes or disappears you can throw a new one.

There are a few objects that can only be manipulated through bombs. The first being the bomb blocks, these can only be destroyed by bomb explosions. Unlike most blocks these blocks are unaffected by motion, so you can put them wherever you want without them falling down or being dragged away by conveyors.

The other are the bomb color blocks and the bomb orb. There are two colors, blue and red. If an explosion hits the bomb orb it will change the color to the other color, for instance from blue to red. You cannot put different colored bomb orbs through the level, you will have to choose a default color. For instance blue, this means that at the start of a level or checkpoint all blue bomb color blocks will be solid and all red blocks won’t.

Keep in mind that if you die the default color will once again be in effect, so keep that in mind when placing checkpoints. You can ofcourse also use this the opposite way, for instance after the player dies he will have to take a different route at the last checkpoint due to the default color.

The bomb’s effect goes into action once you hear the explosion. Thus if you have to jump from one colorblock to the next, wait until you hear the explosion and then jump. You can also put two colorblocks straight after each other, just position one of Bombman’s feet on that block already and you won’t fall when the color changes.

Keep in mind that a bomb explosion only counts if it is onscreen. In other words you have to be able to see the explosion happen, otherwise the color change won’t count. Another thing to keep in mind is not to put upward bomb throws near an open roof, as throwing a bomb upwards out of the screen is only allowed for one space before the bomb is erased from existence.

You can also combine the ability to throw two bombs with the bomb colors. For instance getting passes a blue obstacle and then having to get onto a red block as soon as possible, meaning you will have to use both bombs and use the time between the two explosions to get where you need to be.

You can of course also fool people, they change colors, only to end up trapped or killed due to the other color, be sure to think ahead! Timeman’s levelset is a very good way to camouflage the red blocks at times.

The final bomb color trick is the one color jump. For instance a big eye is closing in on you and the only way to avoid him is to change the color. However you are also standing on that color and there’s no possibility to get off these blocks without dying. Thus the explosions will have to follow almost immediately, allowing you to jump up, while the big eye falls and ensuring the bomb color blocks are solid again by the time you come down.

You can do this by first doing a jumping upward bomb throw, then followed by a normal upward bomb throw once you get your feet back on the surface. Keep in mind that you can do this too fast though, so be sure to throw the jumping bomb when you are still going upwards in your jump, otherwise the big eye can get warped upwards on the blocks again if the two explosions are too close together.

Bombs can be carried by pretty much any object, gutslifts, conveyors, blocks, pendulums, walking timebombs, use them to create areas that the bomb can only reach by catching a ride.

Blocks, walking timebombs and pendulums can also push bombs. They can also crush bombs if they get between two surfaces, for instance the walking timebomb and the bomb color orb, this will also count as an explosion.

Certain things will destroy bombs, such as lava sprouts and the explosion of a timebomb. While the bomb will still explode it will not count as an explosion and will therefore not destroy anything or change colors. Lava sprouts are the only object that have the ability to destroy bombs, other objects such as flame rails and elecbeams do not affect your bomb.

Bomb bounce off objects and walls, use bombs in combination with gutslifts, walls and timebombs for instance to reach your desired goal.

You can use the explosion caused when hitting an enemy to destroy blocks or change colors. For instance if a Cyclops is next to the bomb orb and you hit it with a bomb the following explosion will change the colors.

Keep in mind that this only works from a certain distance. If the distance becomes too big the enemy will still die but it will not destroy the block or change the color, try to keep it to about 3 spaces in length.

Due to this you can also create bomb orbs and bomb blocks that cannot be reached through other means, but to use an explosion caused by an enemy. You can also do this trick with party balls and the same rules apply to them.

If supporting blocks are above the bomb explosion they too will be destroyed. For instance a bomb block is holding up several other blocks, when the bomb block is destroyed the blocks will fall down into the explosion and will also be destroyed. An explosion can take out 3 vertical blocks this way. Funnily enough doing it this way will also allow you to destroy blocks that Bombman cannot normally destroy, iceblocks for instance.

Bombman can activate pendulums in three ways, throw a bomb against it, drop a bomb on one of the sides, or through the explosion of a bomb.

Normal blocks (the block type anyone can destroy) will not be destroyed if you throw a bomb against them, you will need the explosion. You can also use the explosion to give you more time if you have to travel under block spawners. Since the explosion takes out falling blocks the next few spawned blocks will be taken out by the previous explosion, allowing safe passage.

Finally there’s the floating flameblock glitch. If a bomb is on top of a flameblock that is pushed upwards by a water sprout and the bomb is in the middle or near the edges of the block the bomb can miraculously be pushed off. This happens more often when it comes into contact with spikes. Just put a wall with a gap next to the block or a roof that the bomb will come into contact with. Now when you place the bomb close enough to the wall or when it reaches the roof it will be pushed right. While the glitch can be quite annoying you can also use it to enter areas you cannot throw your bombs directly, as they will mainly be pushed right. In some instances they will fall straight through the flameblock.


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