Welcome, Guest! This website has been inactive since July 2009 and is no longer being maintained, but you can still look around if you want. :)

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What Is The Master Level List?
The Master Level List is was both a directory of user-created stages and a community of players who played and enjoyed the Mega Man Powered Up game for the late PSP handheld gaming console. Fans of the game would create their own custom stages within the level editor and then post the IDs of those stages here on the website for others to view, try, and then provide feedback to the original creator. Some creators would even provide lengthy descriptions of their stages or go through the effort of creating full backstories for the scenarios presented in them. Overall it was a really fun way to enjoy and share the game with diehard fans and newcomers alike.
How Do I Register or Submit a New Stage?
Unfortunately, you can't any more. Online support for the Mega Man Powered Up video game was discontinued a long time ago and as a result you can no longer upload or download stages from the web. Because this website relied so heavily on users being able to download stages from the web, it's usefulness declined over time and now it's just a relic of what it used to be. The Master Level List website was officially taken offline in July 2009 and has remained static since. I'm sorry to anyone who missed their chance to join the community and play all these awesome creations.
Hall of Fame?
Back when the site was hot and MegaMan Powered Up was still new, there were tons of stages being added every day and we needed a way to let good stages outshine all the rest. We created a Hall of Fame option where forum members could vote on which stage should get the award for Hall of Fame and we gave out ten every month. After the site slowed down and the game's online connectivity stopped working we naturally stopped giving out awards, but it was fun while it lasted! Check out our Hall of Fame archive for a list of all stages that won.

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This website is dead, please don't contact us. If you absolutely must, however, you can send an email to info (at) megamanpoweredup (dot) net and someone will eventually get back to you.


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