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[ ID : 46267695-004 ] -- "TreadMill Hill"
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 20, 2009 4:15 am    Post subject: [ ID : 46267695-004 ] -- "TreadMill Hill" Reply with quote

Stage Link :

Stage ID : 46267695-004
Stage Name : "TreadMill Hill"
Stage Region : USA

So alright, this is my first map in awhile. I come back to MMPU Master Level List and see that my last two stages were received to be on the easy side. Like I said, I like my stages to be do-able, without having to glitch the stage at all. However, I've done my homework - this stage is nowhere near as much of a cakewalk as my last two.

This stage takes place in the same construction tile set as a Gutsman stage. The tileset chosen includes tons of swinging hammers (well, only two of those). drop lifts, spikes, block generators and of course treadmills! I've done my best to combine these in tricky ways, but it's actually not too hard once you've had a go (or two). Still, there's some tricky stuff here - remember that you can jump ABOVE the screen. I kinda abuse the block generator placement, so it's possible - and encouraged - to jump on top of the generators to have a breather and watch some patterns at work here.

That's really the only hint I have for you guys:) Everything is relatively obvious here, though hopefully it'll still be tricky. Those treadmills move a lot of blocks around, and sometimes that's good (you can jump on the blocks after all), sometimes that's bad.

Hope you guys find this level to be fun and fairly challenging. I'm not gonna ever be interested in making something hair-pullingly difficult, but stepping up the difficulty while keeping it fair is something I want to do. Hopefully, "Treadmill Hill" has done just that.

"If challenge had a taste, you'd be quite delicious"
- Travis Touchdown, No More Heroes
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