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[ ID : 46402351-007 ] -- "Roll's Quest 2"
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 07, 2008 4:27 pm    Post subject: [ ID : 46402351-007 ] -- "Roll's Quest 2" Reply with quote

Stage Link :

Stage ID : 46402351-007
Stage Name : "Roll's Quest 2"
Stage Region : USA

Hey, guys. Continuing from Roll's Quest 1...

"Huh!? Where am I?" CutMan said, coming to. Apparently, he was no longer under Wily's control. Roll smiled, and helped him up. "Gosh, all I can remember was a shadow... Thanks, Roll." CutMan said, quickly giving Roll a hug. "You're welcome!" Roll said, before hearing a BeeBeeBee noise. Dr. Light's voice sounded. "Roll, CutMan, step back, quickly!" As the BeeBeeBee noise sped up, a light attached to CutMan's head blinked. CutMan quickly tore it off, and threw it out a window. A massive explosion shook the Lumber Tower.


"The next energy signal is IceMan's. While he, too, was weakened significantly from Wily's plot, I fear he's much stronger in terms of offense... And, with Health that low from the beginning, I fear you'll contend with his stronger attacks soon..." Roll quickly shut off communication. She and CutMan were at an island. Part of it was warm, but the rest was Icy and cold. CutMan shivered. "H-how much longer, Roll?" Roll just stared ahead, saying "Not much. I sense IceMan's close". CutMan smiled, and the duo moved on.

Once you get there...

IceMan stood in the room. "R-R-Roll? C-CutMan? Guys, it's me!" IceMan said, apparently not a mindless drone after all. He came closer to greet, when suddenly a BeeBeeBee sounded. IceMan's eyes turned from a pleasant blue to a raging red. "You're all idiots! Ecspecially you, CutMan, for defying Wily's controllers!" IceMan laughed. "Hey! Th-that's not nice!" CutMan said, lunging at IceMan with scissors in hand. IceMan just grabbed them, and kicked CutMan back. Roll gasped, and charged forwards. "Take this!" She yelled, before being frozen, and kicked back at Cut. Roll and CutMan stared, before bracing for a fight.

NOTICE: I don't know if this is really Roll's Quest 2. So please, if it turns out to be Rifle Man instead, just tell me.
NOTICE 2: Yeah, IceMan's hp isn't much higher than CutMan's. But, you see, I made these stages MONTHS ago. I just never had the Wi-Fi to submit them. So, I have to go to Arby's to go onto Wi-fi.
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