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[ ID : 59957271-004 ] -- "Collect Call"
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Stage Link :

Stage ID : 59957271-004
Stage Name : "Collect Call"
Stage Region : USA

As Rock was on his way toward Skystorm City, he received a distress call from underneath the power plant. He followed the secret passage leading down to the underground city and found Timeman on the roof of one of its skyscrapers, badly damaged.

"R-Rock... Roll was... t-taken..." the purple robot grunted.

"What!? Where... who!?" Rock picked up his younger sibling. "Tell me!"

Timeman hissed in pain, his circuits thoroughly fried by the battle with Clone Elecman. "G-Guts... Oilfield." He placed his hand in Rock's and dropped two chips into his palm; the recharge chips for Thunder Beam and Time Slow. "Take these... and... your armor. I'll be f-fine... just hurry..." Timeman's body flashed and dematerialized as he warped himself back to Dr. Light's lab for repairs.

"Oilfields..." Rock mumbled as he installed the chips and donned his armor. Looking across the subterranean landscape, he could see a dense smog hovering over a dirt-ridden oil refinery. "I'm coming to save you, Roll."


Megaman has to go about the challenge of hunting for energy to power his broken weapons and penetrate deeper into the Oilfields. Each section will require him to go forward to the hidden weapon energy capsules, collect them for the right weapon, and double back to use it on the gate to the next section.

PROTIP: You can stand on Electric Beam blocks while they are on so long as you have a foothold only on the very edge.
PROTIP: Block generators won't produce blocks unless there's two vertical tiles of space below them.
PROTIP: Remember that Hyper Bomb, Thunder Beam and Time Slow recharge to full when Megaman dies and returns to a checkpoint.
PROTIP: If you jump while picking up a block with Super Arm, Megaman can keep moving in midair.
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