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[ ID : 69422888-030 ] -- "Block Buster"
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 1:11 am    Post subject: [ ID : 69422888-030 ] -- "Block Buster" Reply with quote

Stage Link :

Stage ID : 69422888-030
Stage Name : "Block Buster"
Stage Region : EUR

Mega Man has been kidnapped by ninjas! Unfortunately the Bad Dudes are unavailable, but Dr. Light has sent out G.I. Joe instead to help Mega out. Unfortunately they don't seem to be able to stop shooting, so even if they're helpful, they will still shoot ya on sight. Guide Mega from the prison to the exit and defeat the head ninja!

Notes: It's been quite a while hasn't it? This stage revolves around getting blocks trashed with the help of foes and a bunch of TS stuff and such.


Jump to make Joes jump, the max distance has between you and Joe has to be three rows for it to work.

If you stand next to a Joe, you can kill it even if it's blocking.

Weapon blocks indicate that said weapon will be needed.

Jump and grab Guts blocks to stay fast.

Mega's ice weapon makes enemies transparant, allowing blocks to pass through them.

Ice stops enemies in their tracks, which can be handy if you want the object to move but not the enemy.

Enemies can destroy blocks by letting blocks fall on top of them, be right next to them and shoot or if the blocks fall on their bullets.

Blocks destroyed by enemies respawn when you go offscreen.

A bunch o' puzzles can be solved in more then one way.

There's a reason for those gutsblocks, so don't throw them away until you need them. Also get close enough to the point of throwing, or you might regret it.

To solve the boss door puzzle, grab the guts block, destroy the two lower blocks. Then reenter the room and just when the flameblock is about to be destroyed by the Joe, go back down. Go back up and everything's in place.
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