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[ ID : 49616203-027 ] -- "Castlevania DX 2"
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 1:10 am    Post subject: [ ID : 49616203-027 ] -- "Castlevania DX 2" Reply with quote

Stage Link :

Stage ID : 49616203-027
Stage Name : "Castlevania DX 2"
Stage Region : USA

Stage Name: Castlevania DX 2
Scenery Pack: Ghost N' Goblins Special
Enemy Pack: Fine Pack 10
Playable Characters: Mega Man/Fire Man/Elec Man/Time Man/Knight Roll/Proto Man
Stage Boss: Oil Man
Life Units at Start: 10

Stage Story: None

Stage Info: In my latest installment of remakes, this time i offer you the entire Castlevania game itself. Uh, well, not exactly, but i now offer you the second half of the game in the form of the last nine stages (three stages per world), meaning the last three worlds of the game. Remember when i combined Bowser Castle stages to make my Bowser Castle EX stage? And remember when Thnikkaman did his single Castlevania stages? I do and i played each of them, but somehow, something was missing from each of them: Extra length. Which is why, similar to Bowser Castle EX, i'm combining the first nine mentioned stages and put them all together for longer fun and play of the Castlevania stages, as it should've been done a long time ago. For the second half however, it should be noted that due to some limitations of the stage editor, i had to reverse some of the stages (stage 11, 12 and the last three), so expect this one to be different than what you've originally saw in the game.

For the main hero Mega Man, i've given him Castlevania-like weapons to replace those of Castlevania's own Simon Belmont (in the TV series Captain N, they were in the same team, though they weren't what we were expecting, go figure for TV, huh?):

Replacing the Holy Water, Mega Man's got the Hyper Bomb to make up for it.

Replacing the Holy Cross Boomerang and the Axe is the Rolling Cutter. I couldn't find a true replacement for the Axe solely, so i had to put one weapon to replace both of them.

Replacing the Dagger, well, the Thunder Beam will do the trick.

And finally, replacing the Clock Item is, what else, the Time Slow. It isn't similar to the Clock Item, but it'll do nicely.

Like the first version, the only downside of having these special weapons (replacement of Castlevania's sub-weapons), is that they're all empty, so you'll have to find weapons capsules to fill those. Since they're won't be enough to refill all of them, i suggest that you choose wisely.

For Roll, i've gotten into the tradition of the GnG pack (if there ever was one) of putting her into her knight armor, so i chose the Knight Roll form for this one.

For the rest of the robots, i've chosen Fire Man, Elec Man, Time Man and Proto Man. Proto Man will have an easy time in this stage, since his Proto Strike crushes all of his foes, and while Elec Man will have no problem getting through most of the stage, Oil Man is the boss of this one and remember that the Oil Slider is Elec Man's weakness, so good luck beating this one as Mr. God of Thunder himself. For the others, well... Time Man can slow down his enemies and have no problem getting through this one too, while Fire Man... hmm, it might get rough for him. I've put spikes in some of the floors, so be extremely careful on where you jump at some points.

One thing i have to let you know about is that while most the stage has that wallpaper in there, it might cause some slowdown, just like the first half. I tried to avoid the issue, but alas, you'll have to compose with that. It might cost me some points, but i'm risking it, so...

And as you can see, there's no fancy story behind this one either, just information on what to expect. And what else to expect? Well, like the first half, other robots in this stage substitutes for other monsters, Big Eyes substitutes Frankenstein and Death (as well as the returning Giant Bats), and of course, substituing for good old Count Dracula himself is Oil Man. He may not be the best replacement for Drac, but... oh well! Can you get through this frightful stage and get to the oiled up maintenance oil surfing dude? Well, good luck, 'cause you'll really be needing it; of course for Proto Man, it'll be a snap (maybe), so, if you're not interested in playing as him, then don't choose him and choose someone else. Well, then, as Power Man1 himself would say: "GET TO IT!" And as always, feedback is welcome.

Note: After reviewing this stage, further discussion should be done in the "Discuss the level" section! Just a reminder for those who don't know or don't remember.
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