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[ ID : 69422888-013 ] -- "Joyslider 3"
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 1:10 am    Post subject: [ ID : 69422888-013 ] -- "Joyslider 3" Reply with quote

Stage Link :

Stage ID : 69422888-013
Stage Name : "Joyslider 3"
Stage Region : EUR

Story: Since Timeman threw Gutsman out of his site Gutsman had to find a new home. If Timeman is at my place, who is guarding his thought Gutsman. It didnt take him long to overthrow Timemans Fortress while Timeman was away.

Unfortunately Gutsman couldnt resist all the shiny buttons and he has now putten the world outside of Timemans fortress on pause.

Fortunately for Mega he is immune because he assimilated Timemans power. With Timeman out of commission it looks like Megas the only one that can kick Gutsman out of the fortress and make time go its proper course again.

Notes: More messing with TS setups, this time with bombs and rolling cutter. Unfortunately the timing of TS RC is different in playtest mode then in the playable level, forcing me to cut out pretty much all of it, maybe I shouldve just cut it out completely. Definitely has interesting potential, due to being able to manipulate the movement of the RC in TS mode, since this level focuses primarily on sliding I havent bothered in going deep on this. Furthermore more fun with bomb orb blocks and pendulums as a roof for sliding, amongst other things.

This level is on the EU Server

Weapons: TS, Oil, Bombs, Rolling Cutter, Ice


Letters indicate the weapon to use at points (T=TS, O=oil, 3=3X this obstacle in a row).

Use the oil slick to alter the pendulums speeds if they are lower then you.

In order to slide over 1 space holes you need to have a roof above your head. Pendulums can be a substitute in the absence of a roof.

Ice and RC can go through walls.

For some bizarre reason sometimes bomb orbs and bomb orb blocks wont be loaded. At these points there will be ladders or you can move back to make them appear. So if something seems impossible to pull off, go back or down that ladder to reload that area.

Some enemies can move over frozen lavastreams.

Hit the enemy or item next to a bomb orb to change colors.
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