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RJAs Fan Robot Masters!!
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RJA New Robot Master!!

Sluggerman is a robot designed to be an all-star baseball player for the Baseball Battons. He has a powerful swing--a swing so powerful that it can easily tear a baseball to shreds! Sluggerman abuses his strength, allowing the Baseball Battons access to quick, easy victories. Wily, realizing Sluggerman's skills, brainwashes him into thinking that his destiny is to defeat Megaman. This then causes Sluggerman to use his power for destruction, as a minion of Dr.Wily!!

Sluggerman's stage takes place in the Baseball Batton's stadium. However, this stadium is left unfinished--making it filled with danger! Watch out for traps such as conveyor belts, spikes, and girders hanging high above the stadium. If you overcome these deathtraps, you may duel with Sluggerman himself!

One of the many enemies in Sluggerman's stage is an automatic pitching machine, and until his defeat he will continuously spew out baseballs. You will also encounter some of the weaker teammates of Sluggerman, trying to defend their best player. You will also meet Battons (aka Bubble Bats), their mascot. And those are just some of the annoying bots in your way!

Once beaten, you will obtain the Slugger Ball. The Slugger Ball allows you to shoot out a baseball at speeds of up to 120 mph! Use the Slugger Ball wisely, as it has limited usage!

DRN.073 Sluggerman--
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