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PSP 4000, what would you like in it?
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Jin Saotome

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 26, 2008 10:17 pm    Post subject: PSP 4000, what would you like in it? Reply with quote

What would some of you people like to see in a new 4000 model? I'm skipping the 3000 model because I've got a 2000, and there's not much new for me to look forward to.

But, here's what I'd like to see.

Two memory stick slots.. The way it is now, the cover plate to the slot pulls outwards, when if it could shift side to side, it would be room for a second MS slot, and why not put in two SD slots next to it?

A second analog would be great.

A slide in UMD reader, like the PS3 does with blue ray. There's room if the USB jack was moved forward a couple centimeters.

Fix the screen's interlacing on the 3000.

Ingrave the power switch inside the system a little more. I hate playing tekken, and some times, my palm turns off the system. Also, it needs to have a wider range between turning off and being on hold. I hate trying to take it off hold, and I accidentally go into stand-by.

The internal memory should be increased from 64 MB to 150MB, to help out with load times, and performance.

Maybe some type of real phone support.

A more efficient battery to boost the life of the system.
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