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[ ID : 46402351-004 ] -- "Roll's Quest 1"
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Stage Link :

Stage ID : 46402351-004
Stage Name : "Roll's Quest 1"
Stage Region : USA

Roll's on a Wily-stopping mission. This time, MegaMan's gone missing, and Wily's the culprit. Not only is MegaMan gone, but his brothers, too. Help Roll stop them, and save the world!

Level One: CutMan's Fortress.
Story: "CutMan's energy signal had been coming from an abandoned lumber yard. CutMan must be here. Stop him at all costs." Said Dr. Light. He had been concerned for the robots safety. "Got it!" Roll said, cutting off radio. She went inside the place to investigate. But soon, she found something very peculiar. A massive fortress, in the middle of the place! "CutMan must be at the top." Thought Roll. "I'm worried. Hopefully he hasn't caused too much damage..."

Upon arrival in CutMan's lair, Roll found him. CutMan stared menacingly. "So, the little girl wants to fight?" He said, in a strange tone. "Heh. I'll give you a haircut, Roll. But it won't just be hair. I'll rip your internal processor out, too! I warn you, I cannot lose! Lord Wily's outfitted me with Titanium Shears. In place of Defense, I have enough power to destroy you, AND your brother!" Roll stared, and asked "Where is he, CutMan? Where have you and Wily taken him?!" No answer. CutMan initiated battle sequence. Roll, angry, gets ready for the fight.
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