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[ ID : 69422888-038 ] -- "Stepping Stones"
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 07, 2008 5:30 pm    Post subject: [ ID : 69422888-038 ] -- "Stepping Stones" Reply with quote

Stage Link :

Stage ID : 69422888-038
Stage Name : "Stepping Stones"
Stage Region : EUR

Picking off from Ready to Crumble Gutsman somehow managed to take out the signal from the array. Low on energy he decides to go into hibernation mode and wait and hope that the rescue team will find him. Some unknown time later he is rudely awakened, as it seems a group of raiders living in the area have also picked up the signal and are now raiding the sunken city.

Since the Sky City was built with new and still top secret technology it could be disastrous if it fell into the hands of a group of raiders. Gutsman decides to spring back into action and fight off the raiders and their leader to drive them back. The raiders have damaged the complex even further, creating electricity leaks, sealed sections, more debri's and sharp objects over the place. Gutsman has to traverse this dangerous terrain while disabling the raiders and their explosives and finally drive away their leader to make the raiders call off their attack.

Learn the patterns of the Joes if you want to make it through.

Blocks on conveyors can push Joes if they don't destroy them.

Joes can't be crushed.

If a block falls on a Joe or a bullet from his gun it will be destroyed.

If you jump and grab a block you will be able to stay in motion.

Blocks on conveyors will be stopped prematurely if they come into contact with a solid floor.

All obstacles can be done without getting hit.

On some obstacles you can cheat, whether you do is up to you.
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