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Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe
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Jin Saotome

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 20, 2008 9:57 pm    Post subject: Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe Reply with quote

Yeah, Batman, Superman, ect. are to go agenst mortal kombat. This is a very odd match-up. So odd that it really makes me want to buy it, eventhough after I got Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, I hated it, and after I got Mortal Kombat: Deception, I thought it was... OK. I never did play Armegeddon, cause I'm sure the game was to be just as stiff as it has been since MK5.

So, here's MKv.DC. When I saw this, I immediately wanted it... and I dont even like DC.. maybe I just want to beat the crap outta DC characters, or something.
The characters I want to see, and expect to see in the game are:

Mortal Kombat:
Sub-Zero (confirmed, and my fav. MK character)
Scorpion (Confirmed, but I could care less about him)
Zombie Liu Kang
Shang Tsung (I think Ed in a sence confirmed him)
Onaga/Reptile (are they the same character?)
Raiden (I bet he's gonna show, 100%)
Sektor (Cyrax had his turn to appear first in a next gen)
Quan Chi

Batman (confirmed)
Superman (Confirmed)
Green Latern
Night Wing
Martian Manhunter
Wonder Woman
Green Lantern (Which one's anyones guess)
Beast Boy

There's supposed to be 10 from each size. But, I think it should have atleast 24 characters. An extra two from each side I think would be much better than than 20.

The game's gonna have all new mechanics. I dont care as long as the games not stiff (dont think that'll happen). The one I dont like is the air kombat. It's a good idea, but the way they have it just... sucks.. In the trailer, Batman got 2 hits, Sub-Zero got two hit, yes, only two hits. I wouldn't mind watching the fall for that.
The way it should be is a grab/flip fight where each falling fighter tries to not be the one who gets slammed/stomped on the ground.

There are no alt. fighting styles in this game, except in range, good idea, I guess, but it would suck if you cant do the move you were trying to do because your enemy just ran in close to you. Maybe it'll be more like some of the SF, and marvel vs. series games, when for example, the character elbows, instead of punching if the enemie's in range.

One thing I want to see in this game is good graphics... like really good. I know, graphics arent everything, but I want to feel like I've gotten a good game.. Untill I relize two weeks later that the game was yet another disappointment. Also, c'mon, 20 characters, you could atleast fill up the rest of the bluray with graphics, stages, ect. That wont happen though.

The storyline says that some type of magic interlinked the two universes, and the magic's power takes it effects on superman, by making him weaker, however, the magic makes batman stronger. Shang Tsung's going to play a great deal in the storyline, with his sorccery, that's why I've said it's a give away that he's going to be in the game, and I bet Quan Chi will also, or atleast appear in konquest mode. I wouldn't be surprised if Darkseid, and Shang Tsung teamed up, and they are the cause behind everything, or if it's another force.

I think it would be halarious if it was all actually Marvel's Apocalypse, and Glactor intermixing the most powerful universes to see who's universe is most fit, destroying all other universes in the process. Then, maybe some universe decided to team up, and destory them, and then you've got a big mess of intermixed universes. Then, you've got characters who want to fight to prove their worth, and characters who want to fix things, and those who want to make things worse. Perfect back-story to the ultimate Vs. game ever. Hell, Ed shoulda hired me for the storyline.....
What if just by chance, this was all actually going to happen? That would be so freggin' sweet.

I think this game has potential, but I dont wanna see it be teen rated (maybe 'cause I'll prolly be 19 when is finally released), but c'mon, what 13 year old doesn't know/hasn't played Mortal Kombat yet? So they'res prolly a few, but dropping the rting wont make the game more well known than it already is. Some things with mortal kombat were extremely broken.. Why are they trying to fix what worked for the series. They can't turn back to a Teen rated game when, it is their fault for the rating system in the first place.
Back in the day, no game with that much blood, gore, and violence was so immensely popular, and brought in money. There were games that had more blood and gore than mortal kombat, but again, they hadn't gained the popularity.

There better be a sequel kalled Midway Vs. DC. Or, Mortal Kombat Vs. DC II.

As long as Sub-Zero is in mortal kombat, there is a chance that I will buy it. He's one of the top ten coolest characters ever. I seriously would not consider buying a Mortal Kombat game that didn't have Sub-Zero. I wouldn't care if they remade the entire series, it better have Sub-Zero as the only returning character, or there's no way in hell im getting it.
I didnt really care for any of the other characters ever... except for Baraka, but I dont mind if he's not in the game, cause he's evil.

Characters that I really dont expect to see in this game but would like for them to appear as playable characters are

Mortal Kombat
.... um...

hmmm.... maybe a couple of teen titans?...
Clayface (not the oversized versions, just the one normal sized one from the animated series... the white one with the green eyes) when I first saw him, he became my fav. dc character ever. Think he had a weaness to ice.. didn't like that.

This game can sink, or float, one thing you should never do is change more thsn one variable at a time... unless it's widely requested by fans... who will be the ones buying the damn game anyway. One thing Ed shouldnt have done was say "Hey, I want to change this game, wonder how I would like to revive the series, and what I think I should do. I wont worry about rather or not it will be a good thing to do or not, I just want it to be different"
Tried that over and over...

Updated graphics in MK5 (good)
Kyrpt in MK5, and a huge one at that (good)
largest krypt in series is in MK5 (Bad)
Introduction of interesting characters in MK6 (good)
New Modes in MK6 (good)
Deduction of minigames (bad)
Introduction of puzzle Kombat (good)
Mortal Kombat history modes (good)
Leaving them unchanged, but added onto them (good, IMO)
Leaving out Sektor untill MK7 (bad, my former fav. color was red)
Kreate a Fighter mode (good)
Stage fatalities (bad, they should've had some life condition in it)
Stage fatalities (good, if you think of them as ring outs)
Stage fatalities (bad, if you just lost a round, right next to the stage fatality)
Multi-leveled stages (good)
Stage weapons (good if they actually varied between who used the weapon)

I'll stop here, ofcourse all the stuff that made mortal kombat what it is today should not be touched, fatalities, characted that bled waterfalls of blood, ect.)

The one thing I'm really getting tired of is the face that the characters do not have unique voices, WTF?.. Except Lui Kang..

So, what's your thoughts/opinions?
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